The Marvelous – Blog Tour review

The Marvelous by Claire Kann

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

After being MIA for one year, Jewel Van Hanen, a heiress whose name is known to almost everyone, is back. Her wealth as far as anyone knows is endless because of her popular video-recording app, Golden Rule. When she announces that she is inviting a few specific Golden Rule users to her estate for an epic weekend, the users are beyond excited. But when they arrive, Jewel announces that the weekend will not only be extravagant but it will also be a game. The chosen users are the players and Jewel herself is the one that makes the rules and she has tailored every single challenge to make it as difficult as possible. Now the players must play through the weekend and find out if they have what it takes to win The Greatest Jewel of all. With a mysterious, hollywood style setting, The Marvelous is a thrilling, enchanting table that will pull you to the edge of your seat and leave you reeling by the end. 

The marvelous was a surprisingly fun book to read. I will say, the beginning was very slow and I just couldn’t get myself to read past the first 40% for quite a few days. But then I managed to push past that and I flew through the last third of the book. The writing wasn’t the best but I did like the suspense and the mystery it was able to create, especially near the end of the book. It created a Hollywood-esque atmosphere, which I think really set the book up well. The book itself could have been quite a few pages shorter because it dragged a lot in the beginning but I did enjoy the writing overall, despite it being slightly mediocre. 

The plot was engaging near the end of the book but it didn’t quite hold my interest throughout the entire thing. I felt like there were too many elements taking place at the same time and if some had been removed, it would have fleshed out, easier to follow and much more interesting. There was a lot to keep track of because the whole book was like a puzzle but it was quite fun. The ending felt a little anticlimactic but was pretty good overall.

The characters were by far the most interesting aspect of the book. They were layered and with depth and most of them had very key roles in the book and everything clicked very well. However, there were a LOT of characters. Every few pages we were introduced to a new character and by the end, it was obvious that any of them were just not important towards the plot and could have been removed and the book would have stayed the same. I did really like the main three characters and I appreciated the diversity and the representation spread throughout the characters. 


The Marvelous
by Claire Kann
Publication date: June 8th 2021
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Young Adult


From the author of Let’s Talk About Love and If It Makes You Happy, this exuberant YA Novel follows six teens locked together in a mansion, contending for a life-changing cash prize in a competition run by a reclusive heiress.

Everyone thinks they know Jewel Van Hanen. Heiress turned actress turned social media darling who created the massively popular video-sharing app, Golden Rule.

After mysteriously disappearing for a year, Jewel makes her dramatic return with an announcement: she has chosen a few lucky Golden Rule users to spend an unforgettable weekend at her private estate. But once they arrive, Jewel ingeniously flips the script: the guests are now players in an elaborate estate-wide game. And she’s tailored every challenge and obstacle to test whether they have what it takes to win–at any cost.

Told from the perspective of three dazzling players–Nicole: the new queen of Golden Rule; Luna: Jewel’s biggest fan; and Stella: a brilliant outsider–this novel will charm its way into your heart and keep you guessing how it all ends because money isn’t the only thing at stake.






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Claire Kann is the author of LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE and an award-winning online storyteller. In her other life, she works for a nonprofit that you may have heard of where she daydreams like she’s paid to do it. Find out more by visiting her website: (and while you’re there, tell her about your cats. She loves cats. A lot.)

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